i was gonna shower tonight but suddenly it was five am. oh well. tomorrow then

Do you fear death? 

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so it took me a full twenty seconds to realize that “mass effect 2 opening scene: the death of shepard” wasn’t “mumford and sons— dust bowl dance”

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My story? It’s exactly the same as your story, just one chapter behind.


my aesthetic is elizabeth swann making out with jack sparrow and snarling as she handcuffs him to the black pearl and leaves him to be devoured by the kraken and the look of pride and admiration he gives her as she abandons him to his death 

thinking about a fantasy medieval au for the cobras like “what would fear’s weapon be— oh wait, nevermind”


A wave viewed from underwater

crosses making the necklaces off my to-do list

volrai replied to your post: i am gay for calypso


VERY gay

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